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that would ignite creativity in every student.

Byte Professor has more than 4,000 3D animated NCERT curriculum mapped learning video contents, 1200 Game based practice simulations, 83 Virtual Labs, AI powered assessment, analysis system and many more.

Byte Professor for Individual Students

Amazing learning experience for everyone. All in one place learning platform for students in grade 1 - 12.

    • CBSE Curriculum mapped 3D animated and gamified learning contents.
    • AI powered Assessment system to evaluate and analyze the learning progress. 
    • Online live tuition with expert teachers from the comfort of your home. Ask and clarify doubts instantly during the live class.

Byte Professor for Schools and Institutions.

    • Byte Professor Learning Management System that includes all features of Byte Professor for Individual
    • School Management System - control all school activities online. Admin, Teacher, Parent and Student roles.
    • Exam Management System - Online Exam, marks and result management.

Byte Professor for Individual

Available for any student preparing for CBSE 1-12, JEE, NEET, IAS.

    • Rich 3D animated video lessons mapped to NCERT curriculum for self learning.
    • Practice concepts with engaging 3D games to get in-depth understanding.
    • AI powered adaptive test for unique learning plan for each student.
    • Online Live Classes by expert teachers for advanced preperations
    • 1 to 1 Online tuitions for personalized training.

Byte Professor for Schools

Built to manage all school activities online. All in one platform.

    • School Management System with Admin, Teacher and Student Login.
    • Homework, Exam, Marks and Result Management.
    • Teacher timetable, Student timetable, Attendance, and Online Exam Management System.
    • Online school fees payment.
    • Along with all features of Byte Professor for Individual
All in one place

Integrated Package of powerful learning tools.

Binding of amazing learning tools into one single bundle gives an incredible learning experience to students and power to bring their biggest ideas to life.

All best learning tools in one place opens up different ways to learn without getting distracted. Learn, Think and Experiment with versatile apps in one platform.

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